General Enquiries / Contacting 工作人员


工作人员 email addresses begin with their first name initial, 后面跟着一个点, followed by their surname and end with @stmaryleboneschool.例如Com

General enquiries:


六年级 admissions:



免费学校膳食 enquiries:


Headteacher’s PA:

六年级 Manager:


Chair of 州长, Eliza Low, can be contacted in writing:
℅ The St Marylebone CE School, 64 Marylebone High Street, 伦敦W1U 5英航
or via the Clerk to the 州长:

Safeguarding or Child Protection
Any safeguarding concern can be emailed directly to  该电子邮件地址在工作时间由M88的安全团队监控.  You can also reach the relevant Safeguarding Officer by email: 

The members of the Safeguarding Team are:

Sarah Swan:  Deputy Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Ella Sainsbury:  Assistant Headteacher, Deputy DSL

Amanda Williams:  KS3 Safeguarding Lead

Gillian Active:  KS4 Safeguarding Lead


If the person you call to speak to is not available at the time, 你可以要求与保安团队的任何成员或相关的年度负责人或助理年度负责人交谈.

Outside working hours and at weekends or during holidays, in an emergency, call the Emergency Services on 999 或拨打威斯敏斯特非工作时间儿童服务中心电话020 7641 2388.  If the young person you are concerned about is not a Westminster resident, you can identify their borough 在这里 and contact the relevant Children’s Services.

Young people in need of support can also use the following services:

Concern or Complaint

我有一个顾虑. Who should I contact?

在第一种情况下,应该向班主任或班主任提出问题.  If you want a meeting, 最好给学校打电话或发邮件预约,以避免在老师不在的时候去学校.

员工将尽可能在24小时内回复电话和电子邮件.  请理解老师每天大部分时间都在教学和做课外活动或额外支持学生.

Personal, 社会, health or emotional concerns

If the concern is a personal, 社会, health or emotional issue, your first port of call is your child’s Form Tutor.

If you feel that the Form Tutor is not the right person to talk to, 你应该联系年度负责人或助理年度负责人.   查看更多 support and guidance 在这里.

Academic or subject-specific concerns 

如果担心的是孩子在某一学科的学习或进步, 你应该打电话给那个科目的班主任或教学部主任.

If the difficulty affects a number of subjects, you should contact the Form Tutor, who has a broader overview, or for more serious concerns, the Head of Year or Assistant Head of Year. 

Concerns and complaints

重要的是,M88要倾听并设法理解任何关切或抱怨.  大多数问题或投诉都可以通过良好的沟通非正式地解决.  


Our Complaints Procedure can be found 在这里.

在向教育标准局投诉的地方,地方当局被要求进行调查.  第一个问题永远是,投诉是否已经提请学校注意.  因此,M88建议在第一时间向学院提出投诉. 

Updating contact details

如果您的联系方式有变化,请通知学校以便M88更新记录. You can do this via your child’s Form Tutor, Head of Year or or by calling the School on 020 7935 4704.


The St Marylebone CE School
64 Marylebone High Street
伦敦W1U 5英航
Telephone: 020 7935 4704


The St Marylebone CE School 六年级
14 Blandford Street
伦敦W1U 4阿兹
Telephone: 020 7563 9335